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    Erotica Scene: Sold at Auction [18+] 

    I was exposed and sore from the naked inspection of my body, I was already bruised enough after resisting the physical examination. Now I cling to the bars of my cage, told to stand so the bidders can have a good look at my potential. All the rich bastards here wanted to own a sex slave; and this auction had every kind for sale.

    “Two thousand.”

    “Two thousand for our youngest virgin? You got to be joking.”

    “Will two million suffice?” A different tone, deep and gruff, speaks up next.


    I look up and my eyes widen as the man with too much money, is standing before me now, right before my cage while gazing over my vulnerable body.

    “You’ll do well to turn around and bend over so I can inspect the body I have just purchased,” my new owner is determined that I will obey without hesitation.

    “Go to hell,” I hiss and he just raises a cocky eyebrow before holding out his hands for the keys to the cage.

    “Then I will come in there and inspect you without your consent,” he states simply.

    “No,” I gasp as he opens the cage door and it creaks open. I jump backwards, unsure if I should try and bolt – but there were too many people watching. They would stop me from escaping.

    “Now, now, little one,” my new owner slips into the cage and closes the door, “This is your last chance. Turn around, bend over and allow me to spread your cheeks so that I can get a good look at you, there is no need to be shy… since everyone will be watching whether you’re scared or not,” he waits but when I stay frozen in my corner, he closes the distance and grabs a fistful of my hair.

    He jerks me around and pushes me into the bars of the cage, until I’m whimpering against them.

    “Please, don’t,” I beg him but he just puts a hand around my stomach, forcing me to step back while he holds my head against the bars. Then he slides his hand around my hip and over my ass, gently at first.

    “Don’t speak, I have no patience for complaints, only obedience. Do not move – or I’ll walk you home with my fingers lodged in your ass for the whole trip back, you understand me?”

    “…yes, sir…” I whisper as he places both hands over my ass, spreading my cheeks and forcing me to turn so the crowd can watch.

    I feel him caress my pussy, right before he spits on his fingers and plunges three large ones inside of me. I cry out, but as I do so, he just sticks a seperate finger into my ass as punishment.

    “Mmmm… perfect and tight… ripe for being defiled.”

    “Please…” I beg but I’m too scared to out rightly defy him so I say no more.

    “Is that better?” he leans in, plunging his fingers deeper into both my holes, while his body heat warms my back and his mouth rests next to my ear, “…because this is nothing compared to when I fill you with my cock, every day, every night… whenever I want you… I will have you and I will fill you with whatever I desire. From now on, little one… you’re mine.”

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    Erotica Scene: Deep Throat [18 +] 

    “Come closer, sweet pea,” my Master puts his hand behind my head, urging me to close the gap so that I can taste my first cock.

    “How do I do it?” I whisper, kneeling and glancing up into his half hooded eyes which watch me with appreciation and desire.

    “You open your lips… use your tongue… and suck,” he smirks as he folds his fingers through my hair and doesn’t wait for me to contemplate my options.

    I open my mouth, nodding as his hard cock slips past my lips and I slowly close my mouth around the solid length. It’s invasive and huge, but it’s also warm and smooth like velvet.

    I close my eyes and suck, enjoying the new sensation and the invasion.

    I swirl my tongue around the shaft and then the base – sliding up and finally licking the tip of the head.

    I wrap my hands around the back of his thighs and pull more of him into my mouth, eager to please.

    Just as I’m enjoying this new experience, my Master’s hand cruelly grips my hair and jerks me forward. It’s abrupt and sudden so that I am completely shocked as his cock pushes past the back of my throat.

    I gasp and gag around him, but he holds me down, stead fast in his resolve.

    “There’s no rest for the wicked,” he warns me not to protest as he pulls my head down further.

    I eyes water with tears of frustration, but the feeling of being filled in my throat is also filling me with a whole new degree of lust.

    My Master pulls out to let me breathe – but he pushes back in before I can contemplate a single whine of complaint.

    As his cock pushes in further than before, he pulls out again… he pauses… and then he thrusts.

    Hard and deep.

    Filling me to the brim until his balls smack against my chin.

    And then he continues to thrust while I hold onto his legs for dear life.

    His hand controls me, steadies me and opens me up to his domination.

    I love him for it – and as he speeds up and holds his cock deep inside my throat, cum finally spurts forth until I’m choking on his seed.

    “Swallow every last drop of your dinner,” he growls, in command and in control.

    I nod as I swallow, tears staining my cheeks while my lips feel almost numb.

    When he pulls out I try to smile up at him.

    “Did I do well?”

    “Well enough… good girl,” my Master pats my head gently as he smirks and I smile tentatively.

    I feel bold and decide to lean down and lick his balls in thanks, kissing each one with appreciation.

    This was my place, below him – and I loved it.



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    Read Free Books Online! 

    Sometimes I’m too broke to buy all the books I want to buy, so I find good websites where books are free to access. I’m a well known author with a pen name that I don’t wish to disclose on this blog, as this is meant to be anonymous which helps make writing the scenes more fun.  However, I don’t feel guilty spreading word on a site with free content, because more often than not, if I read an author that I like on this site: I will buy their books once I get the money! Plus, it’s good to get exposure on your novel, at least that’s my opinion. For example, with Game of Thrones [at least with the Tv adaption]; I’ve heard that the makers don’t mind it being pirated – simply because it gives it huge exposure and that helped in contributing to it becoming a world wide phenomenon. Anyway, try the link – it’s not just vampire books as the website name suggestions, it actually includes a huge range of romance genres!!!!

    Free Book Website

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    Erotica Scene: A Public Show [18+] 

    Everyone could see and all could observe and admire the naked women lined up for show. Their heads were locked in and their assess were exposed.

    The fucking machines were lined up, perfectly aimed with their asses. They already had their pussies stretched – so now their assess were next.

    You could hear the anticipated silence of the crowd, eager to watch the defiled women, being punished for resisting the Lord’s rule.

    “Begin the annihilation,” the Lord standing off to the side, has girls hanging off every inch of him. He ruled the world and every pussy in it.

    Slaves switch on the machines and the large dildos pulse forth, prodding and then penetrating through the first layer of the exposed assholes of the many women.

    Screams fill the air and the crowd start to rub their skin, eyes eager for the dildos to plunge in deeper.

    Lube drips from the instruments as they push inside, expanding the asses of all the females – who have no choice but to take every inch of it, at any pace.

    The machines begin to pump faster and then they begin to pump deeper – making the screams turn to quick moans of delight.

    As their pussies gape, squeezing, twitching and dripping with want – their assholes are now just as stretched as their neighbouring vaginas.

    “Faster,” the Lord orders, a handsome smirk plastered across his face.

    Without a word the slaves turn up the speed and the fucking machines ride into women’s assholes, staying deep while gyrating their whole bodies.

    They are held for hours in this position while people watch – and by the end, they are all throughly annihilated while the floor pools with puddles of their forced pleasure.

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